25 Agustus 2013

We Have Here

Four years we are together,
but I'm not brave enough to let you know

that I secretly loved you

You are the most different girl I've ever met
cleverness and the simplicity of that you have 

everything, makes me love you

I'm lucky to expecting you 

i do not know maybe this is a crazy expectation
one time I married to you
living together with our children
create a family as we wanted

You are like what I want 

maybe I'm not enough as you like
but, let me just pray to God
if you're betrothed to me
hopefully I'm in love so many times to the same person, namely you
but if not, hopefully until the end, God makes you happy with another man

Maybe now I'm just like a child
not the time to think about you
but every night I think of you without respite

Here we are share the stories
about life, dreams and hopes
me and you have a purpose
it made ​​me picked you to moorings my heart
good men for good women, isn't it?

Your manners makes ​​me like living lingering here
You are not so beautiful, not popular and even maybe not many men who likes you
but I'm lucky to see my future in your eyes
There, there's a happiness that can't be seen in other women

We've here,
but not to have each other

Written in the most of the deeply heart
for Miss A....

2 komentar:

  1. ehmmm.... :)
    selalu ada yg terbaik yg akan mendampingi dlm setiap perjalanannya :)

    1. begitulah kehidupan, beginilah kisah nyata hehe ^^